UK Man wins £2.8 Million at Mr Green Casino

mega fortune net ent

Mega Fortune Slot pays Progressive Jackpot Again!! A single spin on the Net Entertainment video slot 'Mega Fortune' changed the life of a 31 year old father of two from the UK. He won almost £2.8 million at Mr Green Casino on valentines day, playing at just £2.50 per spin on … [Read more...]

Panorama Casts Bad Light on UK Gambling Culture

panorama gambling nation

BBC1's Panorama episode 'Gambling Culture', which aired on Monday 5th October 2012, gave a damning review of the current gambling trend that has increased her in the UK over the past few years.  The show focused heavily on the FOTB machines found in high street bookmakers, such … [Read more...]

Best Gas Deal

Getting the Best Deal on Your Gas can Help Your Online Gaming Yes, we know this sounds a bit of an odd topic on a casino and slots website but bare with us on this one.  Like most of us who enjoy playing bingo, casino's etc online, we have to budget our spending to afford our … [Read more...]

Facebook Real Money Bingo Game Launched

bingo fiendzy on facebook

Bingo Friendzy Becomes First Real Money Games App on Facebook Today, Bingo Friendzy became the first ever real money games app to be housed on the social networking giant Facebook. The UK is currently the only country where the Bingo and slots game is available, this is mainly … [Read more...]

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